Villacastín is a town with a remarkable historic past to which important though abandoned mansions as well its church of Saint Sebastian, built in the early 16th century, bear witness. Located halfway between Avila and Segovia, it has excellent communication with Madrid via the A6 and this makes it a very attractive target for the construction and renovation of weekend homes.

The project proposes to rehabilitate one of the houses, preserving its classical facade and demolishing its wrecked interior to build 8 houses between 130 and 180 m² with common areas.

Despite retaining the traditional facades, the houses pursue a rich spatial concept splitting the households in two levels that articulate and give sense to a comprehensive program.

The interior facades use nobler materials with a bolder language generating an interesting contrast.

Viviendas en Villacastín 1 Viviendas en Villacastín 2 Viviendas en Villacastín 3 Viviendas en Villacastín 4

In Process