On March 20 the pavilion we built as local partners to Shigeru Ban Architects was opened. It was the finishing touch to 5 months of hard work and meetings that began on October 5 in Paris. SSARQ was responsible for the drafting of the working project as well as the management, coordination and supervision of works. All of this and the success of this exciting adventure was possible thanks to an excellent work team with Inés Primo de Rivera as project leader of SSARQ and the collaboration of local engineering firm IDI Ingenieros led by Darío Galante. Parallel to drafting the working project we handpicked the most suitable people in each craft, capable people willing to take part in an unusual experience from which we were all going to learn much. Due to the fact that none of the materials were standardized and there was no reference data the engineers made the calculations and commissioned several laboratory tests to let us work with reliable data. The first phase of producing all this exhaustive documentation was slow and intense, and so was the manufacture of the various pieces that would eventually make the elements of the pavilion. However, once the material was at the site, the structure was assembled in just 5 days and the whole process took 5 weeks.

Paper Pavillion 1 Paper Pavillion 2 Paper Pavillion 3 Paper Pavillion 4 Paper Pavillion 5 Paper Pavillion 6 Paper Pavillion 7 Paper Pavillion 8 Paper Pavillion 9 Paper Pavillion 10 Paper Pavillion 11 Paper Pavillion 12 Paper Pavillion 13 Paper Pavillion 14 Paper Pavillion 13 Paper Pavillion 13 Paper Pavillion 13 Paper Pavillion 13 Paper Pavillion 13