The IE campus in Madrid has grown over time into a huge urban anthill where the apparent chaos has become the only recognizable sign of identity among the different spaces.

The search for a renewed hallmark was the main challenge marked by SSARQ. The words that pushed us in this search were the simplicity, elegance, neutrality and efficiency.

We had to create authentic Urban Laboratories. Clean and functional spaces, workspaces where neutrality and simplicity facilitate the concentration. Spaces that keeps us away from the noise and bustle of the urban environment and all with maximum economy of material.

Castellana 66 1 Castellana 66 2 Castellana 66 3 Castellana 66 4 Castellana 66 5 Castellana 66 6 Castellana 66 7 Castellana 66 8 Castellana 66 9 Castellana 66 10 Castellana 66 11